Since 2016 in PRODECA GLOBAL we are being committed to provide Wholesalers, Retailers and the principal E-Commerce platforms with best innovative ideas, best quality products and most important, with best personal service.  This combination ensures us to bring the highest sales for our clients.   

Prodeca GLOBAL USA, a trading company, has become a nationwide platform dedicated to the distribution of leading category products from all over the world.

By offering top notch service, low prices and product diversity PRODECA GLOBAL delivers its clients a winning formula for today’s highly competitive environment.  

A unique combination, that has established PRODECA GLOBAL at the forefront of a variety of categories as food and snacks, health and beauty, cleaning supplies, pets, among many others in the United States and the rest of the world.


-Data Scripting and Processing Services. When it comes to retail, if you want to be success, you have to use data in everything you do.

-Category Management Consulting and Services. It involves everything from assortment planning, to inventory management to store layout.

-Field Marketing ServicesServices that help suppliers, manufacturers and distributors to know if the stock you’ve supplied is actually on the shelf.  

  • Sales representation
  • Brand representation
  • Compliance with Planograms
  • Workforce efficiency
  • Collect field marketing information

-Merchandise Services

This term is extremely broad. It refers to anything that contributes towards the sale of products in store.

Including among other things, optimizing your retail displays, implementing data driven planograms, applying store layouts, and understanding tactics and techniques.


At e-Commerce, we have a single, true focus: making our clients successful online. To that end, we offer a variety of proven solutions, ranging from initial ecommerce consulting, to ecommerce strategy, custom solutions, Internet marketing and performance control. Each one is designed to maximize traffic, engagement, conversions, and loyalty. So whether you are building your product or brand in the online business, consider us at  PRODECA GLOBAL your successful e-business. We can help.

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