Kekua Chocolate

"Chocolate is so sacred that you grind it on your knees, your stir it with your hands together and you look at heaven to drink it "  Kekua is a Company that has been using for the last 12 years the original method of preparing traditional Mexican Chocolate . The Company was born in  Pastzcuaro where you can stilll taste the flavors of Mexico before the conquest . The Metate Chocolate with 100% natural ingredients.  We have a special blend form the Soconusco area and the high mountains of Tecpatan in Chiapas, Mexico. Soconusco in Southern Mexico is the birth place of the "Cacao Real" , the royal Cacao consumed by the Aztec Kigs and priests.   We use only 100% Natural Cinnamon from Ceylan in stick, this wast the process that the Mayas used to sweetened their Chocolate drinks .   

Mac'Ma Cookies

This is a cookie made by Mac’Ma ”; With this phrase, consumers recognize the taste and quality of the brand and give their approval to each of the products that the company makes. Currently we can say that Mac'Ma is the perfect combination of tradition and technology, since, just like 70 years ago, when it was created as a family business, the highest quality ingredients are still used, such as those used in the home for bake cookies, with the difference that they are currently manufactured with state-of-the-art machinery and technology. Because of its exquisite flavor, delicacy and great variety of products and presentations, Mac’Ma has become a symbol of good taste since its consumption makes every moment a special occasion.


Our lab products are made with the higest standard latest technology

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